Claim Oversight & Engagement

The typical insurance company claim adjuster handles too many claim files at a time to devote the attention necessary to minimize your workers’ comp claims cost. Additionally, the in-house claims personnel offered by most insurance brokers lack the training and experience necessary to deal with the broader legal issues related to worker injuries. 

What makes Solomon & Solomon different than most insurance brokers is we use a specialized law practice that focuses exclusively on assisting clients in controlling workers’ comp claims and preventing related employment law disability discrimination charges. 

Our claim management retainer program includes:  

  • Review of currently valued loss runs and detailed open claim status reports
  • Active claims management, including making recommendations and consulting with claim adjusters to move claims to closure as quickly as possible
  • Real-time oversight and communication with clients as events occur, not several months later or at periodic claim reviews
  • Technical and legal support for issues that can drive up your net cost of risk, including allegations of harassment, retaliation or discrimination; performance management; leave of absence administration and documentation; discipline; termination; policy enforcement; workers’ comp claims; modified duty assignments; reasonable accommodation decisions; hiring/recruiting; wage and hour or other personnel issues.

Proactive claim management can help prevent employment practices liability issues that arise from worker injuries, reduce your workers’ comp premium and indirect claim costs.

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