The total cost of worker injuries are the workers’ comp premiums you pay and the indirect or uninsured claim costs. According to OSHA, indirect costs vary greatly depending on the size and type of claim, and can be several times the direct cost of the claim. Consider some of these indirect costs:

  • Wages not covered by workers’ comp insurance
  • Lost productivity of the injured employee
  • Productive time lost by employees and supervisors attending to the injured employee
  • Administrative time lost investigating the injury and completing necessary paperwork
  • Productive time lost from operations interrupted by the accident
  • Lost productivity to hire or retrain others to replace the injured employee until their return
  • Replacement or repair costs of damaged machinery, equipment or materials
  • Reduced employee morale and efficiency

This operational waste increases your cost of doing business and reducing profit margins. Our proprietary CompResolution+SM program helps clients gain control of their long-term workers’ comp costs, leading them to enhanced productivity and profitability.

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